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Special Offers


The Adventures Unlimited Float and FlySpecial

Each Float and Fly (FNF) special includes the Taste of the Tours zipline canopy tour (description below). Prices listed are according to the type of "Float" you choose for your adventure.

Taste of the Tours is 7-zip lines with the last one being the 900-ft zip line soaring over Coldwater Creek. This is the morning adventure, then spend your afternoon relaxing on Coldwater Creek.  A perfect way to cool off in the summer!

Fly and Float with a Tube:   $100.00 per person   + tax

Fly and Float with a Canoe with seat backs:  $117.00 per person  + tax

Fly and Float with a Kayak: $119.00 per person  + tax


**Reservations and Prepayment required. 

For Reservations, Please Call   (850) 623-6197 or make your reservations online using the book now feature on this website.

Due to scheduling constraints, zip lines will be in the morning and river trips in the afternoon.