Group Adventures

With as many activities as Adventures Unlimited offers, it is not a question of what to do, but how to fit it all into your retreat! And we don't think that is a bad problem to have.  The possibilities are nearly limitless - let our wonderful staff help to facilitate your retreat planning and tailor the experience to your needs.

An example of some of the group retreat activities we offer include:

► River Trips 
► Scavenger Hunt fun for all ages
► Low Challenge Course promotes problem solving, leadership and followership 
► High Challenge Course promotes fun and self challenge
► Orienteering
► Star Gazing
► And much more!

We also have a thrilling zipline tour, where you and your group can fly through the skies over Coldwater Creek across seven platforms. 

Adventures Unlimited is staffed by courteous, experienced, and industrious employees, dedicated to doing the work while you have the fun.