Educational Opportunites

We have a wide variety of wonderful outdoor educational programs for all ages!  Please refer to the table below and contact Jo Dee Cattrell, Group & Events Manager, at 850-889-2180 or to book your experience. 

Experience Description Cost Age Group
 Zip Trip

 Enjoy an exciting outdoor nature and history lesson on Taste of the  Tours

 $49 per person (20-person minimum)

 7th Grade  and Older

 Nature  Lesson

 Learn about the importance of protecting wildlife habitats including plants, animals and the environment.

  The program is approximately 2 hours and involves a light nature walk.

 $10 per person (30-person minimum)

 Pre-K  through 2nd  Grade

 Oregon  Trail

 Break into small groups and use clues to make your way "Across the  Oregon Trail." 

 The program is approximately 2 hours.

 $15 per person (30-person minimum).  May add  optional hot dog cookout for $5 per person (+tax)

 4th through  6th grade


 Learn basic map and compass skills!  Break into small groups and  put this new knowledge to work on our orienteering course.  Teams use the map and  compass to  navigate from flag to flag and the first team back wins!

The program is about 2.5 hours.

 $15 per person (30-person minimum).   

 Ages 8 and  up

 Star Gazing

 Peer into the night sky after the sun goes down and discover the celestial wonders of the  universe!  We first provide classroom instruction to teach you about different constellations and planets.  Then, we go outside to view the stars - either by laying on our backs or viewing the stars through a telescope.  A truly enlightening experience!

 Must be part of a group package (minimum 50  people)

 Ages 5 and  up 

 Group  Retreats

  Let us tailor one or more activities to your sports team, ROTC group, band, or club! 



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