Team Building, Communications, Leadership Development, Trust Assessment and Strategic Planning

Change is always occurring - but how does this change impact your staff? Do you see that your staff responds with the same solutions repeatedly - even as they face new challenges? If you want your staff to become "breakthrough thinkers" - we can help.

Adventures Unlimited utilizes the Low and High Challenge Courses as resources to assist your group to challenge their assumptions about themselves, the team and their problem-solving techniques. It's designed to throw out "every day" thought patterns, teach new skills, expand their thinking, build confidence and mental flexibility, all while experiencing the great outdoors.

Both courses consist of a broad curriculum of programs that can be a completed in one-day or incorporated into a multi-day retreat.  We will help you tailor the program to best fit the needs and goals of your group.

At the end of each course, time is set aside for reflection and evaluation. Together the group decides what worked, what didn't, and what might be worth further exploration. Time is given to develop methods of carrying these lessons away with the group so that as a whole, the group is committed to continuing these new approaches as they move forward.  And of course, these new approaches and ideas lead to every group's number one goal: Success!

Our Target Clients

Small businesses
Teachers with Classes
Non-Profit Organizations
Governmental Organizations

What can the Challenge Courses deliver to your team?

Enhance team cohesiveness
Emphasize group problem solving and decision making
Explore the issues of high-quality leadership, mutual support, and individual commitment
Enhance self confidence
Promote effective risk-taking
Examine group dynamics and practical problem solving
Strengthen communication and cooperative spirit
Discover hidden strengths and abilities
Increase trust and group cohesion
Translating the TLC experience to the workplace

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