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Overnight Canoe and Kayak Trips in Blackwater River State Park

Overnight Canoe and Kayak Trips in Blackwater River State Park

Overnight Canoe Trip, Overnight Kayaking TripIf you are looking some real adventure, escape into nature with an overnight canoe or kayak trip on the Blackwater River in Blackwater River State Park. The Blackwater River is the only pristine sand river remaining in the country. Because of its rarity and uniqueness, the area was purchased by the State of Florida then designated as a state forest.

You can enjoy the true beauty of this river and its surroundings with an overnight trip on the river via kayak or canoe. Blackwater River is the pride and joy of the panhandle. Because of the designation as a state forest, the 190,000-acre shores of the river are filled with wildlife and untouched nature. This undeveloped land provides the opportunities for exploration that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

A Variety of Activities

There are many activities to enjoy along the river and in the national forest. Visitors love to photograph the area and its wildlife. Fishing is also popular along the river, and many locals recommend beetle spinners and worms for bait. Deer, wood ducks, ibis and turtles are common along the river. The area is also great for birdwatching.

The riverbanks are heavily forested, scattered with azaleas, tupelo, palmetto, magnolia, pine, maples, oak and other species. Along the river are small clear creeks and tall, majestic bluffs. There are places along the river scattered with debris such as submerged tree stumps and fallen trees.

Paddling Skills

Before heading out on the river, you need to be prepared. Be sure to check the water and the water levels. Remember, water levels that are too high can be dangerous and water levels that are too low can greatly impact your ability to paddle the river. The river has an average depth of two-and-a-half feet with a current of two-to three miles.

When the water levels are at normal levels, white sandbars, ideal for camping, span the river banks. This sand is very different from beach sand as it is made from finely ground quartz rather than ground seashells. The river was named by the Creek Indians who called it “oka-lusa”, which means black water. However, the waters are not black but stained brown. And despite the appearance on the surface, the water is actually clear and clean.

The river has an overall paddling skill of beginner to intermediate, but the upper portion of the river can be considered to be challenging. Anyone traveling the river should stay alert and watch for any obstructions or debris scattered along the river.

Adventures Unlimited offers a variety of adventures, including those along the Blackwater River. We have a team of highly experienced staff who are familiar with the state forest and the river. To learn more about our river adventures, call (850) 623-6197.